Education is a gift which no one can take away.

Down the ages, education has undergone phenomenal changes. Yet, the intrinsic values and principles have generally remained unchanged.

While education has always imparted knowledge and nurtured the curiosity of mind, the most important function of education is to train the mind to think and merely store information. Children must be taught how to think and not what to think.

Too often we consider eduation as providing answers to the questions of the young minds, but instead we must empower the children to solve the problems by applying the knowledge acquired. The true purpose of eduation is to make the young children use the information and apply it in a real time situation.

At the same time educating the mind without educating the heart is no education. We must therefore, make constant endeavor to encourage the child find his or her identity by fostering a direct connection with the community and societal concerns, an engagement with environment and inculcate values of peace, love and compassion.

The process of intellectual development must engage the child to extend his/her learning so that he/she can express freely, experience and emerge as a lifelong learner. The school environment needs to provide for activities and opportunities for self gratification that will challenge and reward the child resulting in every child becoming an achiever and winner. Every child should consider every day as an opportunity to change things for the better and live up to the school motto ‘Learn, Lead, Succeed’. Thus, making education not merely preparation for life but life itself.

It is with this vision that Podar International School, at Waluj is stepping forward. Our mission is to hone and integrate the personality of every student under our care. At Podar our aim is to help all students achieve a level of excellence in their chosen fields and attain goals hitherto unexplored.

As we start our journey in the year 2018, it is a very crucial year for the students, parents, staff & management of Podar International School, at Waluj. I am sure that with the co-operation of all the stakeholders every young Podarite authenticates the collective strength of the Podar International School philosophy that enables him/her to lead & be the instrument of change and becomes an achiever and a harbinger of hope for a better tomorrow.

I am grateful to the Podar Management for having reposed their trust & faith in me and will keep the flag of Podar International School fly high.

Mr. Louis Rodrigues
Principal, Podar International School, Waluj (Aurangabad)