When educating the minds of our youth we must not forget to educate their heart.
- Dalai Lama

Education is not merely acquirement of facts but also of values which help us improve the different facets of mankind. It ensures that we leave the world a far better place than we found it. A pivotal role of education lies in shaping the personality of a child into a healthy mind and happy soul, who is not only equipped with 21st century skills and aptitude required for academic excellence but helping him face the challenges of life in a balanced and harmonious way. Therefore, our commitment at Podar International School is to provide a safe & intellectually challenging environment that will empower students to become innovative thinkers, creative problem solvers and inspired learners prepared to thrive in twenty-first century.

High standards and expectations for each student in regard to academic performance, co-curricular participation and responsible citizenship are the foundation of our school. It is with pride that we hold these high standards and ask each of our students to commit to maintaining the extra ordinary record of achievement and contribution that has been the legacy of Podarite. It is the contribution of our students to our school community that makes Podar International School an exceptional learning community.

In conclusion, I wish you all a successful and wonderful journey at Podar international School. If I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me and know that my door is always open. I can be reached at also. I am honoured to serve as your principal.

Ms. Swati S Patel
Principal, Podar International School - Talegaon