Jumbo Kids Events

Annual Day Celebration 'Khel Khele Jumbo Ke Sangh…' 2019-2020

What a fun and fruitful event to watch our little ones moving and dancing on the songs of different traditional games like pakdam pakdai, lukka chupi..

Sports Day Celebration 'Jumbo on Wheels' 2019-2020

Our Jumboites are racing not with a motive of ranking in Jumbo Kids we believe everyone is winner. This year we celebrated Sports Day with the theme of “Jumbo on Wheels” including different vehicles, traffic rules and road safety.

Diwali Mela - 2019

Children enjoyed Diwali mela by making lanterns, decorating diyas, making colourful rangolis and clicking photos.

Gandhi Jayanti Celebration 'Aao kuch bane bapu aur Shastriji ke sang' - 2020

Podar Jumbo Kids proudly celebrated the birth anniversaries of two great leaders of our country - Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri to teach our children about our roots to give them wings.

Father's Day Celebration 'My Daddy, My Hero' - 2019

It was a wonderful sight to see fathers and children connecting together over the games and activities and creating memories to cherish forever.

Parent Orientation 'Smart Parenting' 2017

An Induction program with an unique theme of "Smart Parenting" in which parents came to know about unique activities in Podar Jumbo Kids

First Mock Fire Drill - 2015

Children's Safety is our Prime Concern. We have organised first "Mock Fire Drill" to guide students about the fire safety.

Papa Ko Chipko - Father's Day Celebration infused with Mud Day - 2015

An event in which papa spends quality time with their kids with lots of activities, games, masti, mud, full of enjoyment.

First Play Date with Parents - 2015

"A Day in Classroom according to the EYFS Curriculum" Parents come to know about the activities done by their kids in their school time.

Parent's Orientation - 2015

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