Jumbo Kids Events

Christmas Celebration - 2019

Christmas 2019 was celebrated at Podar Jumbo Kids with the theme " Spread joy and cheer, Christmas is here. Various playschools of Ratnagiri were invited to double the joy .Various activities were done on the day.

Master Chef - 2019

Master chef event was celebrated as "Papa banao Dadi/Nani ki receipe". Dadi Nani and Dad prepared dish for master chef event. Little Jumbos helped them for the preparation . Lecture on nutritional diet was given by dietician Ms.Komal Tawade.

3rd Sports Day Celebration 'Jumbo on Wheels' 2019-2020

PJK Ratnagiri celebrated 3rd Sports day at school with the theme " JUMBO ON WHEEL". children were participated in various races that will help foster their overall growth and development.Children got opportunity to learn while they play and have fun is hat this sports event is all about.

Diwali Mela - 2019

Diwali Mela was celebrated at Podar Jumbo Kids as "Let's spread the lights of happiness".Parents and children enjoyed together with various fun activities and spent memorable time with each other. Kandil Making, Decorating Diyas activities were conducted.

Gandhi Jayanti Celebration - 2019

This year Podar Jumbo Kids celebrated the birth anniversaries of two great leaders of our country as Bapu and Lal Bahadur Shastri in a unique celebration as "Aao kuch bane Bapu aur Shstriji ke sang" where children explored the varied roles that Bapu and Shastriji practiced and enjoyed.Children saw how they were Fitness experts,Travelers,Lawyers,Farmers and Gardeners,Social Activists,Fashion Stylists,Environment Engineers.

2nd play date with parents - 2019

2nd Play date with parents was conducted at Podar jumbo Kids, Ratnagiri. Theme of the play date was "To build on the parent-school partnership at Podar Jumbo Kids" Demos of the daily activities held in the school were given to the parents by the teachers.

Teachers' Day celebration - 2019

Teachers day was celebrated at Podar Jumbo Kids,Ratnagiri with the theme"It's time to thank my teachers".Children and their Parents met the teachers at the school to acknowledge their wholehearted efforts in educating the children.They have written appreciation message for their wards' teacher.Selfies were taken by teachers, parents and their child.

Navratri & Dandiya Celebration - 2019

Navratri was celebrated with Dandiya / Garba with parents and Children at school premises. Children enjoyed an event with huge response.

Independence Day Celebration - 2019

Independence day was celebrated with the theme Our Country, Our Pride ,Our Responsibilities at Podar Jumbo Kids, Ratnagiri on 15th August 2019 with lots of activites. Puppet show was conducted.Parents enjoyed an event very much.

Come Let's Play - 2019

Come Let’s Play event was conducted on Saturday July 13 ,2019 at Podar International School, Ratnagiri. Activities and games were arranged for parents and children. Games like Tug-o-Love,Laughing Bears,Spin a yarn was enjoyed by the parents.

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