Proud Moment for Podar International School Nashik ICSE! 2020

02 Jul 2020

Proud Moment for Podar International School Nashik ICSE!

Wizkid Miss Aadishree Pagar, aged 8 years, student of Grade IV at Podar International School, Nashik, has developed a website in order to provide useful information about the rules of hygiene and care for the health of everyone by recognizing their social responsibility. You can encourage her by visiting her website

In addition to hygiene, the benefits of diet, yoga, and exercise are also presented in a simple way in her website.

Earlier, she had created an app for children, ‘School Chale Hum', to convey the message of Water Conservation, 'Water Sensation', of ‘Conservation of Trees’, and 'Oxygen'. The 'Water Sensation' and 'School Chale Hum' apps have been downloaded from the Google Play Store in various countries around the world, including India. Aadishree has so far created five Android apps and two websites. Besides, she is going to develop an android app on traffic signs and rules. The apps created and developed by Adishree are currently available on the Google Play Store. City Police Commissioner, Nashik MrVishwas Nangare Patil and Principal Mr. Manohar Mahajan congratulated and felicitated her for the stunning achievement.