Jumbo Kids Events

Kartavya 2019-20

Sports Day Celebration 2019-2020

Theme - Jumbo on wheels

Children's Day Celebration - 2019

Podar Jumbo Kids, Nanded celebrated children day where children had lot many fun activites and spend a lovely day along with teachers and friends

Ring the bell for water - 2019

We understand the importance of water and we care. Children are given water breaks at maximum so that they can drink enough water which helps them to be active

Treasure Hunt Project - 2019

Parent and child together has hunt the different tress in nature which helps them to spend quality of time together. All those children have received certificate who have succesfully completed their project

Un-Halloween - 2019

It’s time to step on your fears and be brave. The Halloween bash “Let’s conquer our fears"

Play date with parents - 2019

Where they came to know about the child routine and also learned the importance of Kiducation.

Master Chef - 2019

Papa Banao dadi and nani recipe

Diwali Mela Celebrations - 2019

Gandhi Ji & Shashtri Ji Jayanti celebration - 2019

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