Dear Parents,

I heartily welcome you and our young learners to Podar International School, Mira Road. Podar Education Network is an educational initiative by the Podar Group led by Dr. Pavan Podar, to nurture young minds. We strive to create role models of tomorrow, in education, literature, social reform, philosophy, sports and art to name a few. Podar Education Network has been a pioneer. in delivering quality education to the students of our country. We can trace back in history, the educational journey which was embarked upon by the Podar family way back in 1927. The Father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi, was the first President of Podar Education Trust. In his words, ”Education means all round drawing out of the best in the child and man- body, mind and spirit.” We have continued with this legacy in the concept of, ‘traditional values and modern thoughts.’ This core belief translates into many dimensions of development in our students.

In the words of Michel Serres, “Our world is undergoing a cultural and a cognitive revolution.” I am sure that with the support of our dynamic management, support teams, the passionate drive of my teachers and the unstinted support of my parents, we will be able to fructify this revolution to create a positive impact and difference to our ecosystem.

The PIS - Mira Road provides equal opportunity to all students, enabling them to learn through school activities and mindful learning experiences. The technology in education has been one of the core strengths of the Podar Education Network. Even during these challenging times, we were able to have a smooth transition from a physical classroom to an online platform. These technologies combine the physical and digital worlds. This tectonic shift will be huge for education, employment and employability in such uncertain situations. Feedback is the breakfast for champions. We encourage and welcome constructive feedback for the continuous development of our young learners.

Together we will cherish their success. PIS- Mira Road will resound with cheers and unmatched energy that it offers to its young learners. We expect continuous support of our parents to manifest our vision and mission.

Best wishes,

Norina Fernandes
Principal, Podar International School - Mira Road