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Gudi Padwa Celebration - 2019

The New Academic Year began with buzzed and excitement as students were welcome to the new session by conducting special assembly on 'Gudi Padwa'.

Giving Back: Podar School, Kalyan (CBSE) Lends a Helping Hand to Kerala Flood Victims - 2018

The devastating flood wrecked havoc in Kerala. One of the biggest deluges of century that Kerala experienced led to loss of precious human life, property and natural resources. In the wake of this natural calamity; hundreds of tiny hands of school children of Podar International School, Kalyan (CBSE) came forward to help support the crucial rehabilitation work. The Principal; appealed the parents seeking help for the flood affected residents of Kerala. And the collective efforts of teachers, parents and students saw enormous collection of food items, clothes, medicines, toiletries and other daily necessities piling up in the school premises. Through representative of a local body, ‘Kerala Lokka Sabha’ these collected items were rushed to the needy people of Kerala.

Independence Day Celebration - 2018

Believe it or Not - 2016

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