Welcome to all the learners to “Podar international School”.

There is a famous saying that life is journey, not the destination .When we talk about education system in Podar Schools, it’s vital that learners get both; a rich and rewarding “Journey” through his/her school years and a successful “Destination” immediately after completion of schooling whether he/she enters in a professional course or opt for advance studies.

We aim at a synthesis of moral values and academic skills in all our educational programmes for well –rounded development of our learners. We are mindful of fact that the basic aim of education is to convert the mind into living fountain and a reservoir of stagnant water.

The school is inculcating the soft skill among learners by organizing various co-curricular and cultural activities like paper reading, painting, poem recitation, quiz, sports activities and cultural programmes which help the learners to unfurl the petals of their creativity. The main attraction of our school is its peaceful and learning environment which encourages creativity, self discipline, mutual respect, intellectual freedom, leadership quality and healthy competition.

We excelled in academic and extra - curricular activities .All credit goes to the hard working and dedicated faculty of the school. All faculty members constantly seek to upgrade their teaching methods in order to enlarge the mental horizons of their students.

I wish you a very meaningful, satisfying and enjoyable learning experience.

Mr. Sanjeev K Bhardwaj
Podar International School, Hingoli