Coronavirus COVID-19: Advisory 2

16 Mar 2020

Dear Parents,

As we are all aware the risk of coronavirus (COVID-19) has been growing considerably across the country over the last few days. Owing to this situation & recent Government of India notifications, and with a view to keep our children safe, the school has decided to suspend all operations from 16th March 2020 until the start of the 2020-21.

Academic Session on 2nd April 2020. All classes, exams, events & activities in the school premises will be suspended during this period.

Please note that the only exception to the above rule will be students who are scheduled to appear for their Board Exams during the above period. The school exams have been suspended and the students will be promoted for the 2020-21 Academic Session based on their performance over the previous school exams through the year.

The Open House scheduled on 31st March 2020 remains postponed and a new date will be shared with parents once we have more clarity on the situation. Meanwhile, the final report cards of the students will be shared on the BetweenUs portal & app at the scheduled time.

In order to be prepared for the upcoming 2020-21 Academic Session, we request parents to please log on to the online vendor,, to place their orders for the 2020-21 books & uniforms to be delivered directly at their residence. We have ensured that all book sets ordered online will include a free copy of the E-Book set (from Grade 3 to 8) so that the children will have immediate access to the study material. The E-Books should prove extremely helpful in making the most of a future virtual learning environment.

Books & uniforms can also be found at the local authorized vendor shops as displayed on the school notice board. The school is also preparing a virtual learning plan to be implemented to ensure that students do not lose learning days. We have started training our teachers to utilize virtual platforms such as Google Hangouts, Zoom and Khan Academy resources to ensure that our students remain engaged with the school and further details will be informed to parents via the BetweenUs portal & app.

We urge you to stay calm and safe during these challenging times.

Warm Regards

Podar International School