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English Faculty Day - 2020

English faculty day was celebrated at Podar International School, Anand on Thursday, 20th February 2020. The celebration was followed by morning assembly with prayer by the school choir, skit on the importance of English, poem recitation and dance based on the four major skills listening, speaking, reading and writing by the students of Grade I to IX. The English day was celebrated with the objective of creating awareness about importance of English language in day to day life situation and also to create students’ interest in studying the subject. Following activities were arranged grade wise:




  • Hurdle Race
  • Colour the picture according to the sound code


  • Pass the ball
  • Spell B


  • Listen and Draw
  • Pass the message

IV & V

  • Inter-House Speaking Competition
  • Word Chain

VI to IX

  • Expert Talk


  • Inter-House Quiz Competition


  • Inter-House Spin a Yarn Competition

Overall it was joyful day wherein students enjoyed a lot and brought lot of enthusiasm and excitement. The entire program will help them in their future endeavours.

Visit to Sardar Patel Renewable Energy Institute - 2020

Podar International School, Anand has accepted the invitation by Sardar Patel Renewable Energy Institute to visit and also to take part in the poster presentation during their 12th open house on Friday, 14th February 2020.

Students of Grade VIII and IX along with Science faculty have attended the inaugural function of 12th open house at Sardar Patel Renewable Energy Institute. During the visit various Scientist and technicians have explained about their research done in different departments like Solar, Microalgae, Nano etc.

Podar School has also taken part in the poster making competition under the theme “Innovative approaches for Solid waste management”. Students of Grade IX (Sahil Thomas and Yash Sahastrabudhe) have presented the poster under the guidance of Ms. Anjalee Sharma. The team was appreciated for the presentation by Director Mr. Gaurav Mishra and has also asked the students to join in their upcoming project under the same topic.Team was also awarded with the special Recognition prize and certificate of participation.

Overall, the visit proved to be a great learning experience for the students as it helped them to be more aware towards renewable energy and research.

Educational Excursion 2019-20

Travel expands your horizons and school life cannot be complete without the fun of educational tours and excursions. These trips are made to facilitate the students to know and understand the real, multicultural world. Educational excursions not only enhance the knowledge of the students but also broaden their outlook towards the outside world. Students of Podar International School, Anand visited Dinosaur Park, Balasinor. The refreshing memories of the tour will last forever in the memories of our students and teachers.

Parivartan Drive - 2020

Around 170 students of Podar International School # Anand participated in PARIVARTAN DRIVE 2019 - 2020’ under the theme ‘Celebrating Life’ on Friday 14th February 2020. Podar International School, a premier educational institute across India, organized a special drive on creating awareness about Mindfulness, Stress Management and Self-Awareness.

The chief guest of Parivartan Drive was Dr. Sunny Thomas, Principal of ILSAS college, inaugurated the programme and made everybody aware that one of the most important ways of celebrating life is to take care of our emotional and physical well-being. He also said about the importance of knowing one’s internal self, which is one of the most important ways of creating a positive influence in one’s life and surroundings.

Our respected Principal sir Mr. Sunil Kaimal said that if we are constantly thinking about our problems, we miss out on the beautiful moments of our lives. We often become so attached to the final outcome and destination that we don’t realize that it’s the journey that’s the most important. We all need to take a moment every day and learn to savour the small and the simple moments that our lives entail. We should stop from time to time and learn to appreciate the moments which make our lives beautiful.

Our respected Principal Sir, teachers and students from Grade V to VII participated in ‘PARIVARTAN DRIVE’ from Iskon temple to D.Z. Patel School (7-8 kms). The students actively participated in spreading awareness about the importance of taking care of one’s emotional, mental and physical well-being.

The support and cooperation from the local police/traffic police/ public motivated the school to conduct the campaign smoothly. The school has initiated the campaign to celebrate ‘existence’ and the power of living a ‘Mindful Life’.

At the end, refreshment was served to all the students and staff members.

Inauguration ceremony of Innovative Studio - 2020

Republic Day Celebration - 2020

Podar International School, Anand celebrated India’s 71st Republic Day on 26th January, 2020 in the school assembly ground. The patriotic fervour warmed up the cold winter morning as the teachers, parents and students of the school enthusiastically gathered to hoist the national flag. The ceremony started at 8:15 am in the school assembly area.

Our respected Principal sir – Mr. Sunil Kaimal was the Chief Guest of the programme. To commemorate the sovereignty of our nation, our respected Principal Sir unfurled the tricolor flag and all in unison sang the National Anthem. Our Principal sir addressed the gathering about the sanctity of the occasion and the role played by the Constitutional makers, with particular reference to Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.

Students of Grade III to VIII had demonstrated March Past on the beats of parade music with full commitment and discipline. The students Grade IV – A sang a patriotic song that awakened everyone’s feelings towards our Mother Land. There were three group dances performed by the students of Grade I to VIII followed by a skit which made us all realize how one can contribute towards making the world a better place by individual contributions and with the help of the rights given by the Constitution of India.

A programme on National Integration was presented by the students of Class III to VIII which made us aware that despite having diverse culture, traditions, languages, religions, we stand together as one. This shows our unity in diversity and we are proud that we are Indians.

The Programme concluded with Vote of thanks by Ms. Umika Sharma of Grade I-A. At the end, light refreshment was organized for all the staff members of the school. Indeed, it was a day of joy, a day to love and respect our country.

Workshop on Anger Management, Stress Management and POSH - 2020

A workshop on Anger Management, Stress Management and Prevention of Sexual Harassment was organized on 21st January at PIS Anand. It was conducted by Ms. Shalini Bhatt, Principal of PIS Vadodara. The workshop was attended by all the teaching and non-teaching staff of PIS Anand.

Ms. Shalini enlightened all the staff members about the skills required to deal with anger and stress. The session was acquainted with lot of activities. She also guided and updated all the staff members regarding the prevention of sexual harassment in work place.

Overall the session was truly enriching, interactive and informative for all the staff members.

Inter-House Competition 'Google Doodle' - 2020

Design thinking is a creative problem-solving process that calls for thoughtful solutions to real-world situations.

Keeping this in mind, Podar International School, Anand organized an Inter-house Doodle Competition under the theme ‘‘DESIGN-A-WAY’ – Exploring the Process of Making and Unmaking!’ which allowed our students to showcase their creative and imaginative skills. In this Inter-house competition, our students illustrated a doodle on ‘Indian Sports’ and ‘Animal Kingdom’. Students of Grade IV – VIII very creatively conveyed the message through Doodle Competition.

Culminating Event 'Design a way' - 2019

The school-wide theme ‘Design A Way’ culminated with an event- ‘Design Bootcamp’, organized by the students and staff members of Podar International School, Anand within the premises. This event was an exhibition that aimed to encourage children to ‘invent’ and ‘innovate’ without any inhibitions. Students of Grade IV – VIII creatively presented their innovative ideas through presentation.

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